Nonprofit & Agency HELP/Frequently Asked Questions

How do I gain access to my organization’s page?

  • If you have an existing account with Bay Area Volunteers but have not yet logged in, please go ahead and reset your password. This will give you access to your organization’s page.
  • If you have not created an account with Bay Area Volunteers, please click here to create your personal account. Send an email to once you have created your personal account to then be upgraded as a Partner Staff manager to your organization’s page.

What is the Partner Sharing Portal?

  • Once you have gained access to your organization’s page, when you login you will be redirected o the Partner Sharing Portal Page. This is a one-stop shop for all your volunteer needs. In the Sharing Portal, you have access to:
    • Add & Edit Opportunities
    • Report Attendance
    • Contacts
    • Edit Organization Information
    • Pull & Export Reports
    • Return to Volunteer Portal

How do I Add & Edit Opportunities? – click here. 

How do I Report Attendance?

  • There are two types of attendance to mark in Volunteer Attendance 1.) Self-Reported Volunteer Hours and 2.) Posted Volunteer Position. Verified hour(s) on the website has a number of beneficial components, for instance, it allows volunteers to see the number of hours they’ve donated to your organization. It provides you with documentation of the number of hours volunteers have served with your organization, and it keeps volunteers active on the site to volunteer again.
    • Self-Reported Volunteer Hours: If a volunteer showed up to your volunteer opportunity without signing up online, they can register their hours after the fact. You then have access to mark them as “Attended” or “Not Attended”
    • Posted Volunteer Position: Volunteers who signed up online will appear under the volunteer opportunity title
      • In the Partner Sharing Portal, on the left-hand side click “Report Attendance“.
      • Select the specific volunteers you’d like to verify attendance for by selecting the boxes next to each opportunity the volunteer attended – mark either “Attended” or “Not Attended” at the top of the Volunteer Attendance page.

How do I view my contacts (volunteers)?

In the Partner Sharing Portal, on the left-hand side click “Contacts“. NOTE: this is only visible when you have had a volunteer sign up for your agency. In this page, you can hand select each volunteer you’d like to look up. On the Contacts page, if you select “View” next to any volunteer’s name, this will take you to their Contact Details with your organization. You can email the volunteer directly through this page.

My Organization recently merged and we have a new office and mission statement, how can I change my organization information?

  • In the Partner Sharing Portal, on the left-hand side click “My Organization“, then click “Edit” at the top of the page.

How do I add a contact to my organization’s page?

  • If the contact has never signed up through CVNL before, you can add your contact directly through the Partner Sharing Portal. However, if your contact is in the Bay Area Volunteers system, please contact CVNL to directly add your contact to the organization’s page.

Why does my volunteer opportunity location not appear on Bay Area

  • “When a volunteer signs up for your volunteer opportunity the portal will automatically send them a confirmation email with the opportunity’s location, a link to the project description on the portal, and the email address of the opportunity leader (you) to contact if the volunteer has additional questions.”
  • If you change the location of the opportunity, all volunteers who are currently registered will receive an automatic email with the updated location.

How does my volunteer opportunity get published?

  • Once you have clicked “create” to publish your volunteer opportunity a portal manager will be notified. Your volunteer opportunity will be approved within 3 business days and appear on