When Disaster Strikes

Disaster Response, Relief & Recovery
Disaster Response, Relief & Recovery
Disaster Response, Relief & Recovery


Our focus during the Response Phase is on assessing ever-changing community needs and providing immediate assistance. One way we do this is through the deployment of spontaneous volunteers, who are trained and then matched to nonprofit organizations that require support.


Our focus during the Relief Phase is on providing support to those in need until they can move into the Recovery Phase. During this phase, and in collaboration with nonprofit partners, community resources are collected and dispersed based on need providing things like funds, food, and temporary shelter.


Our focus during the Recovery Phase is on rebuilding and restoring critical community functions. We continue to help coordinate the allocation of resources to maximize and sustain the recovery process and address ongoing needs. The Recovery Phase from a disaster is often prolonged.

Disaster Response Volunteer Opportunities

CVNL matches volunteers with urgent disaster relief volunteer opportunities in Marin, Napa, Solano, and Sonoma Counties. Click the buttons below to explore needs by county.

Marin County

We are located at:

1 McInnis Parkway, Suite 175

San Rafael, CA 94903


Napa County

We are located at:

433 Soscol Avenue, B-151

Napa, CA 94559


Solano County

We are located at:

675 Texas Street

Fairfield, CA 94533


Sonoma County

We are located at:

153 Stony Cir #100

Santa Rosa, CA 95401


Emergency Volunteer & Donations Management

In Sonoma, Marin, Solano and Napa Counties, CVNL works with nonprofit and government agencies to gather and assess community needs on an ongoing basis when a disaster strikes. We also help coordinate physical and monetary donations and distribute them to nonprofit agencies that help people and animals that were directly affected. You can show your support by making a donation, below. Please indicate if your donation is for disaster related recovery or response and if you would like it to go to a specific county. 

Disaster Volunteer Recruitment Support

In preparation for and in times of disaster, volunteers look for a comprehensive list of opportunities. Agencies can post their opportunities through our volunteer matching portal and link them current disaster opportunities which include corradiated response with government agencies and Community Organizations & Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (COADs & VOADs) . Click your county link below and follow the instructions.

 Links to share  with Prospective Disaster Support Volunteers 

When disaster strikes,  volunteer opportunities can be found quickly by sharing the following links to community members interested in volunteering: Volunteers can view all current opportunities and be efficiently matched to these requests. Tip: Publish and share this link on your website to funnel volunteers to the same place.

Important: please refer community members interested in volunteering to the following pages:

FOR DISASTER RELIEF in Sonoma Countyhttps://volunteernow.org/socodisastervolunteer
Sonoma County Disaster Relief Volunteer needs are listed here in one place.

FOR DISASTER RELIEF in Solano County – https://volunteernow.org/solanodisastervolunteer
Solano County Disaster Relief Volunteer needs are listed here in one place.

FOR DISASTER RELIEF in Napa County – https://volunteernow.org/napadisastervolunteer
Napa County Disaster Relief Volunteer needs are listed here in one place.

FOR DISASTER RELIEF in Marin County – https://volunteernow.org/marindisastervolunteer
Marin County Disaster Relief Volunteer needs are listed here in one place.

Rebuilding communities

When a crisis ends, our needs are not less. First responders save lives, but second responders help people put their lives back together. Read more about how CVNL is partnering with others to address long-term recovery needs and restore communities. 

Disaster Consulting for nonprofits

Our seasoned consultants can help you with your Continuity of Operations (COOP) planning, lead your staff through a psychological first aid (PFA) training, create strategies for managing disaster volunteers, and more.  We strive to make your organization better and stronger than it was previously so you will be ready the next time a disaster strikes.

Events and Trainings

Bay Area Urban Areas Security Initiative –

CVNL works with Bay Area Training and Exercise Program, funded by the Bay Area Urban Area Security Initiative, in partnership with SF CARD.
Learn the fundamentals of disaster preparedness and how to make sure your staff is prepared to support your organization, clients, and members during a disaster.
Find current and future training opportunities here. 

Questions? Email  portal.manager@cvnl.org