Resources for Volunteer Managers

In addition to our free matching portal, CVNL offers and shares many resources for nonprofits seeking assistance with volunteer management. 


CVNL connects corporations with nonprofits to fulfil volunteer needs. If your agency is  looking to engage corporate groups in community and volunteer service opportunities,  please contact Ines DeLuna,


If you have a nonprofit agency and are interested in our court referred volunteers to help with your volunteer service needs,  please reach out to Jessica Grace-Gallagher, for more information.


National Days of Service are certain days of the year, designated either by the U.S. Congress or a service organization, which aim to inspire individuals across the country to make an impact in their local communities by serving on the same day, week of month. Does your agency host or wish to host volunteer opportunities honoring National Days of Service? Please contact us. Our portal team will connect volunteers wishing to serve to your opportunities on these inspirational and impactful service days.


  • Volunteer Managers Peer Learning Network –

    This Network is open to any and all types of volunteer managers and coordinators from public, private, and philanthropic organizations throughout the Bay Area. It provides opportunities for the development and enhancement of professional skills, as well as a safe space to candidly share challenges and achievements in the field. Click Here to sign up

  • Portal Trainings-

    Learn how to use our Volunteer Portal, to its fullest extent. We’ll cover tips for recruitment, event promotion, tracking hours, and reaching a larger audience while answering your questions along the way. Click Here  to view schedule

  • 1 on 1 Portal Trainings-
    Need 1 on 1 portal help? Sign up for a training:
         Click here for Fridays from 9 am – 10 am
         Click here for Mondays from 4pm to 5pm

  • Recorded Portal Trainings – 
    Click here to view recorded trainings

  • All CVNL Trainings- 
    Building and sustaining great organizations requires compassionate, connected and competent leadership. Leaders who are committed to these qualities and embrace learning and growth create great teams. Great teams give organizations the capacity to achieve their mission. Click here to view all of our scheduled trainings


All Counties & Portal Support
Alanna Wendt, Program Assistant
Volunteer Services, 707.890.8884

Napa County
Ines DeLuna, Manager
Volunteer Engagement & Disaster Services, 707.252.6222


Solano County
Rhonda Rochon-Smith, MPA, MAED, MAOL, Manager Solano County / Solano Volunteers, 707.784.3121


Sonoma County
Jessica Grace-Gallagher, Manager
Volunteer Services, 707.890.8874


Marin County
Elaine Tokolahi, Director
Volunteer Services, 415.448.0340